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Brokering LLN Training

ForestWorks Industry Skills Council

What the client wanted

The 2006 Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey found that 46% of the Australian workforce did not have the literacy skills required to carry out their jobs effectively. In response the Australian Government invested in several strategies to improve adult literacy and numeracy levels, one of which was to fund Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) brokers through Industry Skills Councils. 
In 2011, Jenni Oldfield took on the WELL Broker role for ForestWorks to identify opportunities for workplace literacy and numeracy training programs.

What we did

Jenni worked collaboratively with ForestWorks’ staff to inform industry representatives about the opportunities that WELL training can provide. This involved listening to industry representatives, analysing organisational needs to scope training requirements, discussing possible solutions, helping to identify RTOs with trainers that had suitable skills and experience to deliver customised language and literacy training in the workplace, and assisting with submissions for funding.

The result

Jenni brokered several successful WELL training programs in the forest and forest products industry. The programs have benefitted individual workers, and organisations have seen increased productivity as a result of the training. 
Jenni now mentors a staff member at ForestWorks so that the organisation builds its own capacity for brokering WELL training.


Brokering LLN Training